Straight Outta The Runway

In order to expand my “blogger” horizons; I decided to complete an essential rite of passage for all (fashion)bloggers. To create an ingenious style post, which will encourage readers to really stand out by essentially following the crowd. These posts have contributed a lot to the core meaning of “style”. So, here’s my lovely attempt at it: 
statement pieces + big brands = SUCCESS

My first style advice would be: turn yourself into a clothes peg. Your aim isn’t to express yourself by building on your personal taste; regardless of what runway trend reports suggest. Your aim should be simply to flaunt.

Crush everyone in your way by calculating the exact worth of your exotic everything outfit. The sample image clearly illustrates how a ballerina was able to flaunt the shoes that made Naomi Campbell fall. Also, flying like a gazelle is the only way you could keep an $85,000 Birkin safe while confidently flaunting it.

Th fashion industry definitely has a bitchy streak to it. Too many haters, not enough masks.

The second testament: invest in a sparkly Margiela mask. Whether your instagram followers have started approaching you in person or, you’re tired of people recognizing you as the dreaded parking attendant.

Martin Margiela designed these masks with subtlety in mind to ensure that the
wearer will blend – if not completely hide away – in the crowd. So, keep the peasants away with a beautiful artisan mask!!

IMG_5258Last but not least: as a “fashion killa” I try to look absolutely fabulous on a regular. But even the best of us tend to slip up once in a while. So this one’s for those of you, who are too high fashion for bad days.

The more the accessories, the better you look. Every once in a while you get the unwanted/unflattering zit. Or maybe, the only consistent thing an ex leaves you with are puffy eyes. These unfortunate moments are why Riccardo Tisci blessed us you facial jewelry. If your bank balance doesn’t allow you to purchase a few; try a pair of flamboyant sunglasses instead!

To sum up… I don’t know what this is.



# DEAR READER – unapologetically you

WARNING: this is gonna be a corny post!
Picture your ultimate female and male icon. For me: the Roman beauty Sophia Loren, and the one and only Anthony Kiedis (RHCP). Now, imagine what you would dress like if you were their glorious love child. I would werk a signature fur coat armor; garnished with a delicate silk scarf and staple bitch shades (something tom Ford like). I would also trot in the highest most beautiful pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps, which I’ll be trained to elegantly walk in by Victoria Beckham.

The point of this exercise is for you to imagine your true form. Not a care about what other people think, what trend reports suggest, or what the Kardashians publicize. Just the true version of your glorious self; wearing whatever you want.

So for a second; stir away from the floodgates to consumer hell aka fashion magazines. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not asking you to be the reincarnation of Isabella Blow, but I’m trying to help you reach fashion enlightenment. It’s about knowing yourself, what looks good on you what will make you feel confident.

– Chan

Let’s talk London – the Chanel logo on lamp posts.


I can’t be the only one walking past one of these lamp posts and wondering:That looks an awful lot like the CHANEL logo. Funny thing is – it’s something I could’ve easily searched up on years ago. So I finally did (years later).

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, the French designer/founder of CHANEL, was notorious for her love affairs. So set the scene to Monte Carlo 1925 where – the second Duke of Westminster – Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor was so in love with Coco that he ordered all the lampposts in Westminster to be adorned with her logo, alongside the Duke’s crest (the ‘W’).

But here’s the bitter truth:
W = Westminster
Two C’s = City Council
Also, the lampposts were installed in the 1950’s.

Keep exploring kids.

P.s, photograph + edit by yours truly!

The Reality of Being a Fashion Student


A lot of people assume that being a fashion student is like project runway. You know the glamorous tutor with a Louis Vuitton past, every task is rewarded with an exclusive fashion week opportunity and hand gestures. DEAD WRONG KIDS. So here’s what it’s really like:

A lot of hard work.
A lot of expenses.
A lot of physical exertion.
A lot of wondering if you’ll ever actually get a job after all this.

All in all: fashion students are like the students of any other subjects. We feel insecure about absolutely everything, and we are ALSO REQUIRED TO READ BOOKS.

But that’s just one opinion, what’s it like for you?

– Chan

The 2K15 Dating Game


After meeting a guy at a popular Soho venue one Friday evening, I gladly accepted a date. Talking about chivalry, buying my cocktail and asking when he can see me again – great start! Fast forward one week to that first date all goes swimmingly, drinks at various bars and a cheeky kiss towards the end. Oh, and those awkward first date questions…

“How long have you been single?”, “When was your last date?” blah bah blah..

He’s been single for just over a year and his last date was 4 months ago… better than my answer! However when he proceeded to make a sexual move I began to question his game. Buuuuut he asked for that second date so thought no more on the subject..

Details: 28, tall, resides in West London, teacher, lives with older sister.

Beside the last point, all good stats right?

As I’m sure I’m not the only one, I decide to have a little snoop make sure this guys the real deal. Sadly not on Facebook, so let’s check out the famous establishment he claims to work at. All true – but under a different first name… DING DING DING. That alarm’s going off again.

Now call me a fool, but I let this slip. Some people use their middle name or a nickname…?

So the second date has arrived. A trip around a few London bars, no complaints again – yet still trying to get me into bed. Back to Facebook, let’s try the last name and town. Top of the list, a girl with that name and a picture with said guy. My house mates question, what if that’s his sister? However I think the wedding video posted just over a year ago (conveniently the same time he’s been single) was enough to clarify..

Morals of the story

  1. Don’t put out on the first (or second) date.
  2. Stalking/research is essential.

Happy dating, Stan

We Need to Talk About Dolce & Gabbana.


First of all: I KNOW. Everyone’s talking about them. This is just my two cents on the brand I – to this day – so dearly love.

D&G fans are still waiting for some form of progression after the iconic Byzantine collection (FALL 2013 RTW ). The brand is estimated to be worth over $4 billion, and their target crossing $1 billion was just added in the last year. What I’m trying to say is: yes we’re growing weary and we want more, but fashion is a business above everything. As a fashion/business student I’m constantly forced to prioritize sales figures over creative integrity. I mean; does integrity in general go hand-in-hand with business? If I had to list every single unethical issue with the fashion industry, I would have to create an entire encyclopedia. High fashion is built for an ideal client. This client is supposed to have a specific look, and a dispensable budget. When the core concept of fashion is so questionable, insensitivity from fashion folk shouldn’t come as such a shock. But it’s good to know that humanity seems to be kicking in; even in the most superficial industry. The comments that they made could potentially hurt their business as well as their image. Alarm bells started ringing long before their one and only muse – Madonna – spoke against them as well.


You know what though? I still have hope. Repetition is something many brands are unfortunately adored for. When designers find their IT look, they basically hit jackpot. Elie Saab, Saint Laurent, Zac Posen, Carolina Herrera being a few of many. The Sophia Loren glamour with a Sicilian touch works like a charm for me every single time. And I’m not ready to give up on them just yet.

What do you think? Click here for a brief summary/history of the brand by Jo Carven.

– Chan

What I learned about photography after attending an exhibition:


DISCLAIMER: I knew nothing about this photographer or much about photography prior to the exhibition.

  1. No; photographers don’t just whip out their cameras and take a great picture. I mean, not ALL THE TIME. Guy Bourdin would walk around with a notebook jotting down random ideas. He would then develop theses ideas and eventually sketch the refined version out. Interesting right?
  2. Fashion photography goes beyond vacant models and gaudy products. I sometimes forget that there’s a life outside of mainstream, fast fashion. Looking through a photographers perspective made me understand exactly how much you can experiment with one photograph. Ever looked through an issue of i-D?? No like seriously!!
  3. Videos, videos, videos! How appropriate is this point? You guys should know about the first ever moving magazine cover by AnOther featuring Rihanna. The exhibition too had a fair share of video projections which would’ve looked GREAT as covers!

An advice for business students: LEARN MORE. Context, knowledge, and history can give depth to your plans/ideas. It can also help a lot with business! And click here for a brief history on Guy Bourdin.

– Chan